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Risk Factors

October 31, 2019


Individuals who are most at risk for developing hemorrhoids are folks who are a little bit older from age 45 to 65 or beyond. Patients who don't consume enough fluids such that they become constipated. In a similar vein, folks who don't consume enough fiber in their diet, who subsequently become constipated, these are individuals at greater risk. And I guess there's a really great reason for having Mother's Day because the great majority of ladies who become pregnant, the increased intraabdominal pressure, which is then translated down towards the legs. And ultimately the pelvic and rectal regions oftentimes experience hemorrhoids. And so those types of individuals are at greater risk. I should also mention that athletic males, one out of three, may experience hemorrhoids at some point in time. But those are the types of individuals at greatest risk for hemorrhoids.

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