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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Hemorrhoids, as I mentioned earlier, are generally a benign condition and in and of themselves do not predispose a patient to developing colon cancer. However, patients who experienced blood per rectum may be confused, oftentimes attributing the blood to hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are blood vessels, veins, which can easily bleed. On a similar fashion, a tumor or a cancer in the rectum can also bleed. And so, basically the patient sees blood per rectum and may be confused. So to answer your question, quite simply, hemorrhoids don't cause cancer, but rectal bleeding may be a sign of hemorrhoids. It may also be a sign of colon cancer.

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Eugene Trowers, MD, MPH, FACP


  • Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
  • Graduated from the New York University School of Medicine in 1976 and has been in practice for over 42 years 
  • Listed in Best Doctors in America, and The Best Doctors in America: Central Region

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